During the Coronavirus outbreak we have had to suspend normal operations. 

We are not holding meetings and everyone is working from home. 

We are still reading applications but it may take longer for us to respond at this time.

If something is VERY urgent we can try and make a grant but as we have to

physically send a cheque signed by two trustees this generates a lot of problems. 

It would mean people who should be shielding having to find ways of getting

a cheque to you, so please don't ask if it can be avoided.

Please still send in applications but you probably won't get a response until after

the outbreak when we can resume, but at least in the meantime we can be

reading and researching and then we'll be ready to hit the ground running. 

Thank you!  Stay home and stay safe!

Our next meeting will be on Monday 30th November 2020. 

The closing date for applications is Friday 6th November at 5pm.