Please read "Who Can Apply" first and make sure that you meet our criteria before contacting us.  Most importantly it must be for a specific project that benefits the residents of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire.  Applications outside of this catchment area will automatically be rejected. 


We only accept applications from charities or organisations with charitable status.  


Due to the wide range of projects we support we do not have an application form.  


If you meet the criteria then send us an email, making sure (as a minimum) you quote:


  • your Charity Number

  • what new and specific project you would like funding for (we do not give core funding or pay for any staff costs or support ongoing activities)

  • any time constraints on your project (if we can not award you a grant at the current meeting  but we feel it has real merit we may opt to hold over your application to the next meeting if it is not time sensitive)

  • how much you are looking for from us with a detailed break down including proper quotes (not estimates)

  • how much you have raised so far (if any)

  • the total cost of this specific project

  • who you are looking to help with your project (must be residents of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire).  

  • to whom a cheque should be made payable if your application is successful


​It really helps if you can make this as clear as possible.  Please do not ask us for "however much you can" or "as much as possible".  Give us a figure or break it down into separate elements we could chose to fund.  Please also attach any supporting documents and if your latest reports and accounts are not on The Charity Commission Website either give us a link to where we can find them or attach them if we can't access them online.  It also helps if you give us a link to your website and social media if you have them.

Usually less than half the applications we receive will result in a grant and often the grant will be for less than the full amount applied for.  You need to make your case that your application is particularly worthy of support.  It helps to show that your staff are fully qualified and competent.  It also helps to provide letters of support from prominent organisations your charity has links with who can vouch for the work that you do and specifically the project you wish to undertake.

Applications are usually presented to the trustees in the order in which they are received.  It is in your interest to get your application in at the earliest opportunity as it allows more time to check that you have given us all the information you need to and if we have too many applications for the meeting you are more likely to have your application held over to the following meeting if it arrived in the final days before the deadline.  We will always do our best to be fair and impartial but leaving your application to the final moment is not in the best interest of your charity.


We do not have a date for our next meeting due to the pandemic.  Please see Coronavirus page for details.

We strongly recommend that applications are sent to us via email as we have had applications lost in the post and this is the fastest and securest way of getting your application to us.

The trustees decision is final and no explanation will be entered into if your application is not successful.

In light of the Coronavirus situation we have not set a date for our next meeting.

Please continue to send in applications and we will inform you when we have a date.